Alan (draknek) wrote,

Questions on Christianity, part 2

Subtitle: Curiosity converted the cat

The last one of these did quite well: my Livejournal got 43 comments over a week or so, and my Warwick Blog is (just about) still alive now, with 164 comments at present.

For Christians:

What convinced you to become a Christian?
What is the biggest change it has made in your life?

For non-Christians:

What do you think it would take for you to be able to believe? Is there a certain level of proof that you would want?
What is the biggest problem you see with Christianity?

Ethical question (for both):

If you had the ability to change someone's mind about the existence of God, would it be ethical to use it?
If you were able to do this to just one person, who would you choose?

[ This post on atheist-filled Warwick Blogs ]

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